Akasha also referred as the Stigmata of existence and creation one of the eight Calamities positioned to enact the annihilation and rebirth of a new world she is the one that threatens the continuity of the history of mortals and creation itself. She is a existence that accumulates strength in proportion to the advancement of mortals and creation, and are in essence a cancer that consumes existence and creation from within. Empowered by everything that can be considered as existing or created.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Akasha however it is stated that Azalea and her replicas are her pseudo-personas, Having partially materialized she took the name of Azalea and created a world fit with her own set of rules while she regains strength in order to achieve full materialization.

Appearance Edit

Akasha despite being a stigmata of calamity prefers to appear as a young girl with long black hair with red strands that reaches down to her knees and red eyes. She wears a set of luxurious enchanted items dress and can sometimes be seen wearing a coat, However she doesnt use any battle dress nor armor as she isnt a warrior class fighter.

Personality Edit

Akasha is an intellectual (albeit frightening). That being said, as she is the stigmata of existence and creation, her personality・disposition amounts to 72. Because she is an individual and yet colony, whenever talking to others, a “demon” resembling the other party comes to surface. This is the reason why her disposition is evaluated as that of a “mirror” and will thus mirror however she is facing. getting aggressive in the face of aggression and calm in the face of gentleness. she considers humanity as a waste of resources as they are sentient beings and will be striving in their daily lives yet in the end they would a mortal being they are unable to conquer death yet they retain the fear of dying, In spite of asserting that humans had no value, the she could not completely exist without being employed by humans and other sentient lifeforms. The disgrace of having to remain under the mortals - the sole and greatest “waste of resources” in this universe - despite being life forms of a higher dimension and thus she hates humanity and other sentient beings.