Azalea is a mysterious entity harboring a somewhat questionable motive.

Appearance Edit

Azalea is a slender woman with long, silver hair that reaches her hips and possesses rather beautiful looks. She has bangs and a lock of hair over either ear. Se keeps her hair tied back into a pony tail with a ribbon. She also wears a pair of red diamond-shaped earrings dangling from either ear. Like most demons, Azalea has red eyes, and fangs.

Her attire is composed of several components, including a suit, a long coat, thigh high boots and a cape to compliment the noble appearance.

She wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a decorative cut. It has a black line with dark gray rhombi intermittently dispersed along it. The cuffs off the shirt are black and have four gold buttons down the outside. White lace ruffles comes out of the cuffs over her hands. She also wears white gloves.

Azalea wears a white cape with a decorative cut over her shoulders and arms. It reaches to her waist in the front and down to her upper thighs in the back. The cape has black shoulder details as well as the black Rose insignia on the left shoulder. It also has two black buttons on the right. A gold ring connects to the Rose insignia and is attached to a chain running under her ruffles. There are some gold decorations hanging from this chain. There is a wide dark gray strap beneath this cape moving from his right shoulder to her left hip. This has three strips running down it with a small mark over each stripe at set intervals.she also has a white waistcoat she wears over her posterior. It is split down the center and reaches her mid-calf. It is held in place by a wide black belt with a large buckle. The buckle rests over her left hip.

She dons a pair of white pants and black boots, which reach her upper thigh. The boots have four golden buttons at her thigh and three at her calf. The boots are white at the toes, sole, and heel. A pair of small black ribbons meet over either heel and are kept in place by a small white button detail in the center.

Personality Edit

Arrogant and powerful, Azalea doesn't tolerate any disrespect from lesser demons nor species. She is manipulative, ruthless, and treacherous, and will not hesitate to abandon her comrades if she no longer finds them useful. In fact, she finds that being able to abandon one's own friends as a strength. She expects everyone to submit to her with absolute loyalty, and as such, is very confident with herself, her plans and her actions.

Despite her unsympathetic and serious nature, Azalea is also shown to treat her subordinates well. Despite her general distrust towards other Demons, she still sees the latter as one of her subordinates,

Biography Edit

Equipment Edit

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